WINS Initiatives

Early Childhood
Working in partnership with members and supporters of the Lindsay Heights community to develop a strategic plan that carries out the following work:
• Early Intervention and Healthy Development
• Quality Childcare and School Readiness/Success
• Independent Child Care Provider Cohort

Academic Olympics (Promoting a Culture of “Proud to Achieve")
This event provides a rigorous educational experience in which student groups from multiple schools compete academically in the core content areas of math and English. The objectives are to:
•Motivate students to achieve in content areas
•Involve parents and community members in the educational programs across Lindsay Heights schools
•Involve students, teachers, administrators and community agencies in a unified effort
•Foster a safe academic competition for Lindsay Heights students

College-Going Culture
This initiative promotes focus on consistent college-going culture across Lindsay Heights schools, families, and youth-serving agencies. This initiative convenes and aligns resources around establishing systems of consistent language, visuals, and activities which reinforce the  importance of post-secondary education and increase its accessibility for Lindsay Heights students.

Lindsay Heights Marketing
This campaign is designed to promote neighborhood pride within Lindsay Heights and to heighten broader community awareness of the assets within the neighborhood. It highlights neighborhood schools and youth-serving agencies as assets in Lindsay Heights. Through a focus on the academic assets in Lindsay Heights, this campaign also specifically seeks to increase the number of Lindsay Heights residents who attend school and utilize youth-serving agencies in the neighborhood.

Lindsay Heights Children's Success Coalition
The Lindsay Heights Children’s Success Coalition is a neighborhood-based task force made up of Lindsay Heights schools and youth serving agencies as well as external partners and funders. LHCSC works to build developmental, recreational, and social assets in Lindsay Heights across three levels: early childhood, K-12, and college/career transition.

All WINS' initiatives are also described in our 2012 Annual Report. Click here to download the report.

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