WINS for Children works in partnership with the Lindsay Heights community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin supporting the principles of the Lindsay Heights Children's Success Coalition to engage families in their children’s development and school success to dramatically improve the quality of education and academic support available to children and adults.

Since 2009 this coalition of dedicated educators, parents, students, community organizers, youth and family service providers, nonprofit leaders, city officials, and individuals passionate about improving the opportunities for children and families have come together around a common goal of increasing access to high performing schools, healthcare and wellness services, and post-secondary education and professional development programs.

The work has resulted in the development of the following agreed upon principles:


Single-Focus, Outcome-Driven, Comprehensive Approach

Current implimentations of this principle include:

• Focus on all children, 0 to 25, in the Lindsay Heights area (110-block area in Milwaukee)

• Using evidence-based approaches to produce specific age-related markers of healthy development  

• Holding providers and educators accountable for achieving specified outcomes as a condition of continued participation and funding  

Future goals of this principle include:

• Using web-enabled technology to provide real-time data reports and monitor progress

• Aligning all efforts to a single outcome: high school graduation and entry into college or sector-specific technical training within 16 months of high school completion

• Using neighborhood navigators and literacy advocates to involve family members, neighbors, educators, and other adults who care for children  
Community Agency and Service Provider Goals:

• Specify their efforts to outcomes for the full range of neighborhood children, including children with developmental or learning differences  

• Deliver a continuum of community care, including a safe environment, prenatal care and comprehensive health services, adult literacy and language acquisition programs, parent training and engagement, certified high-quality childcare and early childhood education, rigorous out-of-school learning programs, and family and community recreational and cultural programs  

• Make information about programs readily available to consumers, including information about service quality and impact  

School Leader and Educators Goals:

• Specify their efforts to outcomes for the full range of students  

• Deliver high quality teaching and learning in community schools, including an extended-day/extended-year school calendar, common curricula across schools, articulation of school and community programs, in-school physical and mental health and wellness services, nutritional food service and daily physical education, and career and college counseling for youth and parents  

• Implement a comprehensive program to facilitate parent engagement in students’ education, including direct access to individual student records  

• Publicly release of comparable aggregate school data and analyses 

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